Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Go-To Girls

You might casually inquire
What's up with this blog?
With two pairs of sisters as its authors
Completely agog!

You may even opine
There is no reason or rhyme
For these four crazy girls
To collaborate from scattered parts of the world

But this group of sisters
Share a bond that can be traced back
To a world devoid of the convenience of the internet
And the luxuries of Facebook, instant messaging and WhatsApp!

They would scribble notes and pen down letters
Decorate them with silken bows and colorful hearts
And then send them across
Via posts, pigeons, uncles and aunts

Oh, you should have witnessed the earnest and lively discussions
Of their daily adventures and future joint ventures
And it's only fit and right
To honor that love and sincerity with joint blogging rights

Those four little women have grown up since
Their worlds have expanded to include a million new things
But what hasn't changed, is the bond and the daily chatter – because -
A sister is a part of your childhood that is never lost!


  1. Beautifully written!! I simply loved this super cute poem which is full of cute feelings. Anyone can relate to it esp me who z blessed to have lovely sisters. Will wait for more :) - One of the biggest blog followers

  2. Hello Unknown (Rachita)! It was a lot of fun to write this one, and am so glad it made you smile :):) You are the first commenter of our blog, and we love you for this! Thanks a lot!

  3. Replies
    1. I am glad you liked it, di :) Thanks for reading!